Working with me

Working with me

I run a team of driven, energetic researchers from computer science, web science and HCI in the Department of Informatics at King’s. We collaborate with many academics, corporates and government agencies in the UK and beyond. If you’re interested in working with me, as a student, researcher, developer or policy adviser, drop me an email at elena dot simperl at kcl dot ac dot uk.

I am constantly looking for motivated, creative people in areas as diverse as open and linked data, open innovation, crowdsourcing, data and content analysis, games, human data interfaces and many others. Jobs are typically published on the King’s job site, but if you cannot find anything there, do get in touch. More often than not, there will be opportunities in the pipeline which are not yet ready to be advertised. Some of the roles do not require a computing background, as most of my projects are interdisciplinary and could benefit from insights from social sciences, behavioral economics or the humanities. What counts most is a real interest in science and having an impact.

I’m also seeking new collaborations on topics related to human and social factors of data science and AI and occasionally do consultancy projects for industry and government.

For students

I am always interested in high-quality PhD students – this usually means a first class degree from a reputable institution, as well as very good command of English, verbally and in writing. Topics include: human data interaction, dataset search, data visualisation, knowledge representation, knowledge graphs, symbolic AI, online communities, social computing, crowdsourcing, gamification. If you’re considering doing a PhD in this space, contact me and apply online.  Some topics I’ve been thinking about can be found here.

If you’re interested in learning how a research environment looks like, get in touch. I have several research projects running that would benefit from your skills – in most cases, the roles will involve very good programming skills, though I am also looking for students with experience in UX design, front-end development, dashboards and qualitative methods.  You can join my team during summer as an intern or anytime throughout the year as  student helper or demonstrator. Working hours are flexible to accommodate your studies.

If you are a student at Southampton looking for a Year 3 or MSc project, here is a recent list of topics to get inspired. You can also propose your own topic as well.