My research is mainly in computing and Web science, in particular around modern socio-technical systems that display ingenious combinations of AI and human and crowd intelligence. I’m interested in crowd phenomena and HCI and computational methods to study them, for example in social networks, online communities, participatory sensing platforms or human computation. I’m exploring mechanisms and tools to make data more useful, from aspects like how to publish data using linked data principles to data interlinking and search to human data interaction.

I believe data has a tremendous innovation potential and an open approach to sharing and using it can help people and organisations collaborate and make decisions more effectively. I’m working together with industry and government from the UK and Europe to develop open innovation programmes, incubators and accelerators that use public and private data to create added value in an economic, social and environmental sense. I am also doing research in human data interaction to understand how people engage with structured data and design better tools to find and make sense of data online.

More details about my research are available in my list of publications and projects.